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President’s Message

There exist two segments of our that are the most vulnerable and need a voice- The children and the elderly. The children are our future and the elderly represent our past. Both have a lot to teach us. The children are here to learn and shape the future. They also are inheriting the world we are leaving them. The elderly have been through the trials and tribulations of life and have years of experience and advice to hand over to us. Their wisdom can be the guiding light for us and our children. We as members of this community are obligated to provide these two segments a voice so they can be heard.

As president of the Chicago Indo Us Lions Club, I,  Lion Hina Trivedi along with all of our esteemed staff and volunteers intend to do just that. As a youngster myself I learnt the lessons of hard work and sacrifice by watching me parents. I also saw the difficulties they faced in this country after immigrating here owing to cultural issues and language barriers. They worked hard to make ends meet and at the same time supported and encouraged me. They instilled the value of education and hard work as the only path of success. My goal has been to use this support I received from them and the community that surrounded me to become financially independent at a very young age, thus enabling me to use my spare time to give back to the very community that helped shape me.

As president I want to make sure our children are not denied the rich experiences our culture and traditions have to offer. The elderly in our community need our support to live a life of self-reliance and dignity. Through this organization, I intend to bring people of the South-Asian community to help me advance this goal. Each one of you by serving in this organization as volunteers and staff can contribute your time and efforts in bringing the community together for events and fundraisers that help make a difference in the life of others. It is my hope that everyone that benefits from this organization will go on to pay it forward by helping many others will preserve the bonds of unity in our community. This way the strong links of our community chain will be strengthened forever. The children will learn valuable lessons by watching us serve others and the elderly will feel respected and grateful and we will receive their blessings.

After all the success of a society is determined by the way it treats the most vulnerable of its population-the children and the elderly. So I conclude by asking each and every one of you to join me in making this a reality by contributing your time and efforts to the best of your ability.

Lion Hina Trivedi

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